Best Physical Therapy for Low Back Pain in Charleston, SC

Find the best physical therapist for low back pain in Charleston, SC

Searching for a physical therapist that specializes in low back pain is a difficult task. How do you know you are getting the best treatment to get out of pain fast? When searching online, it can be challenging to understand the quality and speciality of a physical therapist. This article will help you understand what to look for in your search for the best low back pain physical therapist in Charleston, SC.


  • 5 factors to consider when looking for a low back pain specialist
  • Best treatments and exercises for low back pain
  • The Rehab Docs: Low Back Pain Specialists

5 factors in finding the best physical therapist in Charleston, SC for low back pain

1. Knowledge: Does my Physical Therapist know all of the causes of low back pain and how to treat it effectively?

Causes of low back pain can come in a variety of diagnosis and illnesses. A good physical therapist can usually diagnose your low back pain with an exam and tell if an Orthopedist needs to take a deeper look with imaging. Beyond your diagnosis, it is the physical therapists job to determine a deeper meaning of the diagnosis and the structures involved causing the pain. For example, the physical therapist must determine the factors that caused a disc herniation to take place and work to fix the underlying function of the individual

Treating low back pain efficiently is a byproduct of two things: understanding the structures involved that caused the problem, and being able to create a unique treatment plan for the individual. An efficient treatment plan should follow a progression of pain relief, structural healing, and fixing the underlying cause of the problem.

2. Experience: Has my Physical Therapist treated all types of low back pain and with what success?

Experience of a physical therapist is not solely determined by the amount of time in practice. Experience can be justified as the quality of care taken with each case and the quantity of unique cases taken. To become an expert, a physical therapist must problem solve the uniqueness of each case. If this is not true, you will become subject to a protocol.

3. Treatment style and type: Does my Physical Therapist treat my low back pain at the source or only provide temporary relief?

Treatment style is determined by the business model and philosophy of the practice. The best physical therapy clinics will focus on fixing the cause of low back pain, not just provide temporary pain relief. Physical therapists that can provide pain relief while progressively fixing the underlying causes is key to a successful outcome. You don’t just want to be out of pain now, you want to make sure your low back pain does not come back.

4. Holistic Approach: Does my Physical Therapist know how other parts of the body may be affecting my low back pain?

There are many associated structures and ergonomic factors that can affect, or even cause, low back pain. Associated structures such as tight hip flexors or lack of a strong core can make it very hard to exit low back pain for good. Ergonomic factors such as sitting at a desk for long periods of time can create tightness and a lack of range of motion, leading to low back pain. It takes a skilled physical therapist to be able to pick out these factors and give you the skills necessary to set you up for success.

5. Cost: Is my Physical Therapist able to bill under my insurance without sacrificing the quality of care?

It is most people’s goal to be able to use their insurance to keep costs low. Sometimes that can mean sacrificing quality of care, but this does not always have to be true. Finding a physical therapy clinic that accepts your insurance and does not sacrifice the first 4 factors is key to knowing you have found the best physical therapist for your low back pain.

Best treatments and exercises for low back pain

Low back pain treatments and exercises can be wide ranging depending on the diagnosis and causes. If you do not know the cause and associated factors of your low back pain, you should seek a physical therapist that specializes in low back pain. Doing exercises and stretches without seeking a provider could make your problem worse. If you do know the cause of your low back pain, below are some exercises and stretches that may help you in your journey to become pain free.

Herniated or bulging disc: video coming soon

Stenosis: Video coming soon

Low back spasm or strain: video coming soon

Core exercises to ease low back pain and keep it away: video coming soon

The Rehab Docs Low Back Pain Specialists

Low back pain is a specialty of The Rehab Docs clinic. Combining our knowledge, experience, treatment style, holistic approach, and insurance model, The Rehab Docs have become the best low back pain physical therapy clinic in Charleston, SC.

Our philosophy is simple; help everyone in Charleston exit pain, recover from injury or surgery, and perform better. The Rehab Docs experienced team makes sure to treat everyone with the uniqueness, kindness, and attentiveness you deserve from a physical therapist. We make it a priority to not only get you out of low back pain, but to make sure you have the tools so it does not return.

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